Friday, May 3, 2024

Update on Permafrost Grown project

The Permafrost Grown team hosted a two-day workshop in April with its farmer-collaborators as part of the project's commitment to the co-production of knowledge.

IANRE faculty Glenna Gannon, along with colleagues Melissa Ward Jones (INE) and Toby Schowerer (IARC) organized the event.

The workshop included presentations on: climate and weather outlooks for agriculture in Alaska (invited presentation by Rick Thoman, ACCAP); understanding permafrost, how it forms and how its response to thaw varies; remote sensing techniques used in the project including use of drones, historical air photos and satellite imagery; and results from the first summer of the "Great Mulch Study."

The event also included several interactive activities that were developed to allow all participants to learn in-real time from one another. These included: an Alaska farmland valuation activity, an evaluation of co-production of knowledge related to researchers and farmers, and a permafrost degradation scenario game.

Project activities and results will continue to be posted to the Permafrost Grown website.

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